Pantnagar Bioplant Tech - Our Working System
Agricultural Development
We select 20 – 25 marginal farmers in a village and advise them for Layout of an ideal orchard in half acre of the land .their orchard are being laid out by our master trainer and expert supervisor it till bearing of the fruits ,the medicine and hormones are timely provided / sprayed when it require. The farmers also trained for the cultivation of ginger, tuberoses & medical plants in side the orchard. For cereals crops / vegetables we also provide them Universities seeds & their crops are also been supervised till it’s harvesting.
Environmental Conservation
As per national i.e eco system balance, we lay out One timber plant of teak, neem, and accasia sps. And for commercial use we supplied Poplar nursery ,for fruits we lay out mango, lemon, guava, orange, aloma at each and every family of the village, our master trainer supervisor it up to ten feet‘s of height in teak / popular with 15 -20 cm. of circumferences with in the year whatever medicines, crops nutrients are required also be provided through our staff, for each plant we get Rs.25 -30 respectively in a year as a service charge in which we provided all the things, as monthly supervision, free replacement of the plant, free medicines and micro nutrients / hormones.
Women Welfare Activities
We make a 5 to 10 ladies group for farm women and train them to Up lift to their living standard by layout research nursery, ornamental plants in the pot however main emphasis are givingfor fruit preservation trendily as well as to develop self entrepreneurship.