Pantnagar Bioplant Tech - Poplar clones
Genetically pure verity or genetically purity high yields & fast growing nursery of poplar. Presently most common clones grown are G-48 udai,Kranti,WSL-22,S7C15,WSL-39. we supplied the treated plants healthy & high yielding more profit.
Some poplar belts picture which developed by us.
Treated Plants :
PANT NAGAR Bio-planttech supplied all treated plants.
Benefits of treated plants:- 1. maximum control stem borer by clones treatment.
very rare chances any disease.
Popular plantation maximum generate .
popular plantation completely developed in a short time & more growth & more profit.
Poplar nursery plants will be with roots.
average length of poplar nursery is 10 to 14 fit .
Note :- we supplied Jumbo plants height 16-20 fit also.
Some farmers experiences by self :